You enquired: where is Rebekah mentioned in the Bible?

Rebekah is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Genesis. She is introduced as the wife of Isaac and the mother of twin sons, Esau and Jacob. The story of Rebekah unfolds in Genesis chapters 24, 25, 26, 27, and 49.

Where is Rebekah mentioned in the Bible

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Rebekah is a significant biblical character mentioned in the book of Genesis. She plays a crucial role as the wife of Isaac and the mother of twin sons, Esau and Jacob. Her story unfolds in several chapters, offering an intriguing glimpse into her life and the impact she had on the narrative.

Genesis chapter 24 introduces Rebekah when she is chosen as a wife for Isaac through a divine intervention. Abraham, Isaac’s father, sends his servant to find a suitable wife among his relatives. The servant encounters Rebekah at a well, where, showing kindness and generosity, she provides water for both him and his camels. This act of hospitality reaffirms the servant’s belief that Rebekah is the chosen one of God.

Upon her arrival, Rebekah is married to Isaac, marking the beginning of their journey together. They face the challenge of infertility, but their prayers are answered, and Rebekah conceives twins. However, even before their birth, Rebekah receives a divine prophecy that the younger twin, Jacob, would excel over his older brother, Esau.

One of the most well-known episodes involving Rebekah occurs in Genesis chapter 27. Rebekah, favoring Jacob as prophesied, aids him in deceiving Isaac to receive his brother’s birthright blessing. She prepares a savory meal for Isaac, disguises Jacob with Esau’s garments, and covers his hands and neck with goat skins to mimic Esau’s hairiness. This cunning plan successfully grants Jacob the blessing intended for Esau, causing tension and conflict between the brothers.

The story of Rebekah is rich with fascinating details and emotions. Here are some interesting facts about her:

  1. Rebekah’s name means “to tie firmly” or “ensnare,” representing her influential role in the events that unfold.
  2. She is one of the few women in the Bible mentioned as a matriarch and a key figure in the lineage leading to Jesus.
  3. Rebekah’s family ties connect her to Abraham, making her a part of the Abrahamic lineage, which holds great significance in religious history.
  4. The interaction at the well, where Rebekah offered water for both the servant and his camels, emphasizes her kindness and hospitality.
  5. Rebekah’s role as a subversive and cunning character, assisting Jacob in deceiving Isaac, raises questions about morality and the consequences of her actions.
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Overall, Rebekah’s story showcases her as a complex character, shaping the course of events in the book of Genesis. Her actions and decisions have long been analyzed and discussed, making her a truly intriguing figure in biblical history.


Name Significance
Rebekah Wife of Isaac and mother of Esau and Jacob
Isaac Husband of Rebekah, son of Abraham
Esau Twin son of Rebekah, older brother of Jacob
Jacob Twin son of Rebekah, younger brother of Esau
Abraham Father of Isaac, grandfather of Jacob and Esau
Divine Prophecy Rebekah receives divine prophecies about her sons’ destinies

Quote: “God delights to use ordinary people who trust Him to accomplish extraordinary exploits.” – Nancy Missler

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The video explains the story of Isaac and Rebekah from the Bible. Abraham sends his servant to find a suitable wife for Isaac, making an oath to ensure that it is a woman from their own tribe. The servant travels to Nahor and encounters Rebekah, who demonstrates kindness and generosity by offering him water and watering his camels. Impressed by her actions, the servant presents her with gifts. When the servant arrives at Rebekah’s house and proposes that she marry Isaac, her family agrees but initially requests for her to stay longer. Rebekah, however, decides to leave immediately, putting her faith in God. She and the servant set off, and when they reach Isaac, he recognizes her as his wife-to-be. They get married, offering comfort to Isaac after the death of his mother.

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The story of the wooing of Rebekah unfolds in Genesis 24, the longest chapter in the Book of Genesis. A spouse for Isaac is to be obtained from his uncle Nahor’s family; the ensuing cousin marriage, with Rebekah and Isaac both members of the same kinship group, serves to emphasize the importance of their lineage.

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Wondering what, She advised Jacob to send Joseph to Egypt to live with his brothers. Rebecca is an important figure in the Bible because she demonstrates faith, obedience, and wisdom. Who Married Rebecca In The Bible? One of the most famous stories in the Bible is that of Issac. Issac was the son of Abraham, and was born when Abraham was very old.
You knew that, She was noted for her beauty, modesty and kindness. She had two sons by the name of Jacob and Esau. It is very popular as a first name though very rarely is it also used as a surname. This name was even more popularized by Daphne du Maurier famous novel "Rebecca", published in 1938 and was later made into a film by Alfred Hitchcock. It is considered as the author’s best work.
And did you know that, The spelling Rebecca” originates from the Latin Vulgate, which from the 4th century onward was the Bible that was used for centuries in Western Christianity. When the King James Version appeared in 1611, the spelling ”Rebekah” was used in the Old Testament, but the spelling ”Rebecca was retained in the New Testament.

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Similarly one may ask, What verse in the Bible talks about Rebekah?
As an answer to this: Genesis 24:67
And Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and took Rebekah, and she became his wife; and he loved her: and Isaac was comforted after his mother’s [death].

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What is the story of Rebekah in the Old Testament?
As a response to this: Rebecca was the daughter of Bethuel, the great-niece of Abraham, and the sister of Laban. Rebecca became the wife of Isaac, who was the promised son of Abraham and Sarah. Rebecca bore two sons, Esau and Jacob. The nation of Israel came from Jacob, and the line of Esau became the Edomites.

Accordingly, What was God’s promise to Rebekah?
Answer will be: In Genesis 25:23 God spoke to her directly, telling her that the Great Promise of 12:1-3 would be passed to Jacob, not Esau. She remained faithful to God’s promise, even though Isaac preferred Esau because of his hunting skills.

What can we learn from Rebekah in the Bible?
Answer to this: We Must Let God Carry Out His Plan
Rebekah tried to take matters into her own hands, but as we know from Sarah, this never works out as we expect it to. It’s easy to grow impatient or anxious when God doesn’t move within our timeframe – but there’s a beauty in waiting for Him that can never be matched by anything else.

Similarly one may ask, What does the Bible say about Rebekah?
As a response to this: What the Bible says about Rebekah, God’s Revelation to. ( From Forerunner Commentary ) Genesis 25:21-23. God’s revelation to Rebekah regarding the struggling twins is that two kinds or types of people were in her womb. They were definitely not identical twins. The word "manner," as used in the King James Version, indicates the reason for their rivalry; they were so different despite having the same parents.

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What does Rebekah mean in the Bible?
What does Rebekah mean in the bible? Rebekah means in the bible: Sister of Laban and daughter of Bethuel; she is married to Isaac Gen. 22/23; 24, mother of Jacob 25/20-28. (in Bible Dictionary)

Accordingly, What does Rebecca mean in the Bible? Rebecca was the wife of Isaac and the mother of Esau and Jacob. However, the common spelling in the Bible was Rebekah. Origin: Rebecca is a Hebrew name meaning “to tie” or “bind.” Gender: Rebecca is commonly used as a girl name.

Also to know is, What does the Bible say about Rebekahs death? Rebekah’s death is not mentioned in the Bible. New Testament [] Rebekah was mentioned by Paul in one of his letters to the churches in Romans 9: 10-12 about Rebekah being conceived through their ancestor Isaac and God’s answer to Rebekah’s prayer by saying to her "The older shall serve the younger". Trivia [] Rebekah means "to tie"

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