General problems — do the Kardashians own a church?

No, the Kardashians do not own a church.

Do the Kardashians own a church

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The answer is no, the Kardashians do not own a church. While they have been involved in various philanthropic activities and business ventures, there is no record of them owning a church or being directly affiliated with any religious institution. To further explore this topic, let’s delve into some interesting facts and a quote related to the Kardashians and their involvement in religion or church ownership.

Interesting facts:

  1. Despite not owning a church, the Kardashians have displayed their religious beliefs and affiliations at times. Kim Kardashian, for example, has been open about her Christian faith and has mentioned her involvement in Bible study groups.
  2. The family has also occasionally attended church services, with paparazzi capturing them at events like Kanye West’s famous Sunday Service gatherings, which combine music, worship, and spirituality.

Quote from Kris Jenner:

“Sometimes we do a little service for the kids on Sundays and we have a little church in the house. It’s been really special because they love music.” – Kris Jenner (source: Harper’s Bazaar)

With church ownership ruled out for the Kardashians, it is worth noting that they have been successful in their entertainment careers, business ventures, and influencing popular culture. Their impact reaches beyond the realm of religion, and they have built an empire through various entrepreneurial pursuits, such as their reality TV show, beauty and fashion brands, and social media influence.


Here is a table depicting some key details related to the Kardashians and their involvement in religion:

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Kardashians and Religion
No church ownership
Kim’s Christian faith
Attendance at Sunday Services
Philanthropic activities
Building an entertainment empire

In conclusion, while the Kardashians have dabbled in religious activities and have showcased their faith at times, they do not own a church. Their influence lies primarily in the entertainment and business industries. As the quote from Kris Jenner suggests, the family has found their own unique way of incorporating spirituality into their lives, even without church ownership.

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In this episode of “BJ Investigates,” the focus is on Kris Jenner’s connections to various churches and their controversial beliefs. The Kardashians have been associated with pastors like Rich Wilkerson Jr., who married Kim and Kanye, leading to speculations about the family’s motivations behind these affiliations. Kris Jenner’s church, Calvary Chapel, was led by Pastor Brad Johnson, who faced scandal and left the church, but Kris funded the opening of a new church with homophobic beliefs. The video discusses other celebrities’ involvement in churches and raises questions about Kris Jenner’s own church and their handling of situations like Caitlyn Jenner’s transition and the church’s beliefs regarding homosexuality and conversion therapy. The video also mentions Kris Jenner’s alleged influence in arranging Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye West.

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Kris founded the California Community Church in 2009. It was previously known as the Life Change Church, and its lead pastor is Brad Johnson. He is a family friend of the Kardashians and KUWTK viewers might remember him for officiating Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s wedding.

The Kardashians have created their own church, which was set up last year in Calabasas by Kris Jenner. Kris Jenner is a co-founder of California Community Church, and is a parishioner herself. The Kardashians are firm believers in Jesus, and religion is integral in their family’s lives.

They’ve conquered clothing, fragrance, books and reality television, and now the Kardashian have created their own church. Speaking to Piers Morgan, Kim Kardashian has revealed how she funded a church set up last year in Calabasas by her mother Kris Jenner.

The Kardashians, presumably including Kourtney, are firm believers in Jesus. Kris Jenner is actually a part owner of a church. It seems as though Kim wasn’t exaggerating when she discussed how integral religion is in her family’s lives. Her mother, Kris Jenner, is not only a parishioner herself but also a co-founder of California Community Church.

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What church does Kris Jenner own?
California Community Church
California Community Church | Agoura Hills, California.
Is Kris Jenner a founder of a church?
As a response to this: Jenner and Pastor Brad Johnson founded the California Community Church in 2012. It originally was called the Life Change Community Church, located in Agoura Hills, California.
Does Kim Kardashian have a religion?
As an answer to this: Religion. Kim Kardashian is a Christian and has described herself as "really religious". She was educated in Christian schools of both the Presbyterian and Roman Catholic traditions.
Does Kris Jenner have a religion?
Response will be: In the meantime, I remember something Kris Jenner once said when asked about fitting the mould of a typical Christian. “Even a family as crazy as ours can have a great relationship with God and live our lives really full, really blessed”, she said.
Does Kourtney Kardashian have a church?
Answer will be: There you have it! The Kardashians, presumably including Kourtney, are firm believers in Jesus. Kris Jenner is actually a part owner of a church. It seems as though Kim wasn’t exaggerating when she discussed how integral religion is in her family’s lives.
How much of Kim Kardashian’s income goes to church?
In reply to that: A 10% reduction of someone like Kim Kardashian’s income is around $5 to $6 million a year, all going to the church that’s co-founded by her mother. Not only that, but members are paying $1,000 a month just to be members — and it’s unclear where that money goes.
What religion are the Kardashians?
What religion are the Kardashians? The Kardashians are Christian. The family are very vocal about their faith and belief in God, and regularly discuss their spirituality on their social media. Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner has also co-owned the California Community Church since 2010. Where is the Sunday service they go to?
Which Kardashian family members attend Hillsong Church?
Members of the Kardashian family have also been seen attending the Hillsong Church, which has attracted a number of celebrities over the years. Matriarch Kris Jenner is a co-founder of a church in Southern California. Jenner is pictured arriving for lunch at the Abbey of San Fruttuoso on May 21, 2022 in Portofino, Italy.

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