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Relationships 1: Matters of Purity

Should I date? Who should I date? Why won’t anyone go out with me? How far is too far? What is “appropriate” touching? What does the Bible say about purity? Dating? Love? Books have been written, libraries have been written, … Continue reading

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DATING 101: Dealing with differences (pt. 1)

Every couple has their differences and every couple has to learn to deal with them. Unfortunately, one of the easiest and most common mistakes people make is to air those differences out to the world. One of the fastest ways … Continue reading

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13 Tips for Holiday-ting Couples

Maintaining purity in a relationship can be tough under normal circumstances, but during the holidays it can be next to impossible. There tends to be a more relaxed atmosphere and less accountability between Thanksgiving and January, what with all the … Continue reading

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10 Tips on better dating (for guys)

Remember your purpose.  Don’t ask a girl out because it sounds fun or you’re bored or your roommate bet you couldn’t get her to say “yes.”  That’s just dumb.  The purpose of asking a girl out is to get to … Continue reading

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In case you missed it over the weekend, ENGAGE was pretty awesome. Steve Saccone talked about how to be more intelligent about how we relate to people and the world around us. One of my favorite parts was when he … Continue reading

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