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Great Commission Conference

This past weekend saw eight students from the MSSU Baptist Student Union attend the Great Commission Conference in Kansas City, MO. It was a time of to learn, worship, be challenged and have fun. We heard from speakers like James … Continue reading

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Summer Update

So… what did you do this summer?                                                                   … Continue reading

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Love is…

This week we spent a couple of days in the Lion’s Den at MSSU asking people to finish the statement, “Love is…” As you might imagine we got a great variety of comments and had some really good conversations with … Continue reading

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Common Notes 2.15.18

The BSU is a Southern Baptist ministry, and one of the greatest benefits of that is our association with the Baptist Faith & Message, the Southern Baptist statement of faith. The BF&M helps inform our belief and behavior, acting as … Continue reading

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Holy diorama, Batman!

Holy diorama, Batman! You have to appreciate the Old Testament prophets. They were called on to do all kinds of crazy stuff and they always came through. Even Jonah finished the job, although he clearly took some convincing to do … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Defend 2018, day 3

Craig Hazen pointed out that while Jesus is a universal religious figure–everyone feels the need to deal with him–only Christianity makes him the central figure. Gary Canfield taught that it’s okay to fail, that failure can direct us to where/what … Continue reading

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Rubruck and the Khan

Late in the year of 1253, William of Rubruck (a Franciscan monk), arrived at the court of Mongke Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan and ruler of the largest empire on earth. After spending more than a year at court … Continue reading

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