How many catholic bishops are in the usa?

There are over 270 active Catholic bishops in the United States.

How many Catholic bishops are in the USA

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There are over 270 active Catholic bishops in the United States, leading various dioceses and archdioceses across the country. These bishops play a crucial role in guiding and shepherding the Catholic Church in America.

Interestingly, the appointment of bishops in the Catholic Church follows a hierarchical structure. The Pope, as the head of the worldwide Catholic Church, appoints eligible candidates to serve as bishops in different regions. Once appointed, these bishops are responsible for overseeing the spiritual and administrative affairs of their respective dioceses.

Here are some fascinating facts about Catholic bishops in the United States:

  1. Episcopal Conference: The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) serves as the official assembly of bishops in the United States. It fosters collaboration and coordination among the bishops, discussing relevant issues and guiding the direction of the Church in the country.

  2. Cardinal Bishops: Within the hierarchy of bishops, certain individuals are honored with the title of cardinal bishop. These bishops typically hold important positions in significant dioceses or Vatican offices. As of 2021, there are 17 cardinal bishops in the United States.

  3. Dioceses: The United States is divided into multiple dioceses and archdioceses, each headed by a bishop or an archbishop. There are currently 32 archdioceses (including three archeparchies for Eastern Catholic Churches) and 144 dioceses across the country.

  4. Appointment Process: The selection and appointment of bishops involve extensive consultations and vetting processes. The Congregation for Bishops in Rome examines potential candidates, considering factors such as their pastoral experience, theological expertise, and the recommendations of local clergy and lay faithful.

  5. Papal Nuncio: The Apostolic Nuncio to the United States represents the Holy See and serves as the diplomatic representative of the Vatican. He is responsible for communicating with the U.S. government and facilitating the appointment of bishops in collaboration with the local Church.

  6. Influential Figures: Throughout history, many Catholic bishops in the United States have played prominent roles beyond their dioceses. Some have been influential advocates for social justice, civil rights, and peace. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state.”

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Despite the challenges of modern times, Catholic bishops in the United States continue to lead their dioceses with conviction, addressing the spiritual needs of their communities and guiding the faithful through the teachings of the Church.


| Archdioceses | Dioceses |

| 32 | 144 |

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U.S. Roman Catholic bishops are set to debate whether President Joe Biden’s support for abortion rights should impact his eligibility to receive communion, with a vote on a document clarifying the meaning of holy communion scheduled for November. This issue has created divisions within the Catholic Church, as some bishops argue that Biden’s political stance conflicts with church teachings. While Biden personally opposes abortion but supports a woman’s right to choose, he has garnered support from more progressive Catholics. Pope Francis has weighed in on the matter, seemingly criticizing the bishops for handling the issue in a political rather than pastoral manner.

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There are 441 active and retired Catholic bishops who oversee 196 Latin- and Eastern-rite dioceses and archdioceses and one "personal ordinariate" (for former Anglican groups and clergy in the United States who became Catholic) in the United States and U.S. Virgin Islands.

255 active bishops:

  • 36 archbishops
  • 144 diocesan bishops
  • 67 auxiliary bishops
  • 8 apostolic or diocesan administrators

Classification: CatholicCongregations: 17,156Members: 70,412,021 (2017)Theology: Catholic theology

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What is the average age of US Catholic bishops?
Today the average age of an American diocesan bishop is 66.4. In 1965, the average age of men appointed to a diocesan see for the first time was 55.6. On May 23, 2023, the average new diocesan bishop was 61.5.
How many Catholic cardinals are in us?
The reply will be: 11 cardinal electors
2023 BBC. They are almost always bishops and generally hold important roles within the church, such as leading prominent archdioceses or heading dicasteries within the Roman Curia. North America has 14 cardinal electors (US 11 cardinal electors; Canada 3 cardinal electors).
Who is the youngest US Catholic bishops?
Pope Francis appointed Espaillat as an auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of New York on January 25, 2022. Espaillat was consecrated as a bishop by Cardinal Timothy Dolan on March 1, 2022. At age 45, Espaillat became the youngest Catholic bishop in the United States and one of the youngest in the world.
Who are the 5 cardinals in the US?
In reply to that: 6 Cardinals Currently Lead U.S. Archdioceses

  • Cardinal Blase J. Cupich – Chicago.
  • Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo – Galveston-Houston.
  • Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan – New York.
  • Cardinal Wilton D. Gregory – Washington.
  • Cardinal Robert W. McElroy – San Diego.
  • Cardinal Sean P.
  • Cardinal Joseph William Tobin, CSsR – Newark.
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What is the salary of a Catholic priest in US?
As an answer to this: While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $93,500 and as low as $11,000, the majority of Catholic Priest salaries currently range between $23,500 (25th percentile) to $36,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $54,000 annually across the United States.
What is the daily job of the Catholic bishop?
Answer: In the Catholic Church, a bishop is an ordained minister who holds the fullness of the sacrament of holy orders and is responsible for teaching doctrine, governing Catholics in his jurisdiction, sanctifying the world and representing the Church. Catholics trace the origins of the office of bishop to the apostles, who it is believed were endowed with a special charism by the Holy Spirit at
How many Catholic Archdioceses are in the US?
Answer will be: How many Catholic Diocese are there in the US? The Catholic Church in the United States has a total of 196 particular churches — consisting of 32 territorial archdioceses, 144 territorial dioceses, the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (serving members of the US Armed Forces and Diplomatic Corps, and those in facilities of the Veterans Administration and …
How many Episcopal churches are in the US?
As a response to this: The underlying question which remains: How many Episcopal churches are there in the United States, is still open for debate and so is the interpretation of statistics. There seems to be no definitive answer. Mary Ann Mueller is a journalist living in Texas.

It’s interesting that, Bishops listen to a speaker at the fall general assembly of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Baltimore Nov. 14, 2018. (CNS photo by Bob Roller) Q&A with Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield, general secretary of the USCCB (This interview has been edited for length and clarity)
Topic fact: The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops took its present form in 2001 from the consolidation of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and the United States Catholic Conference. The USCCB traces its origins to the National Catholic War Council, which was founded in 1917. [3]
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