Relationships 2: Matters of Practicality

Biblically, there really isn’t a “right way” to date. People found a spouse in all kinds of ways. That said, there are principles to guide us as we enter the world of relationships, should we insist on doing so. (And the apostle Paul would say you need to strongly consider just staying single—1 Corinthians 7:8-9.)

First, remember to be less interesting and more interested. Just a good rule of thumb. Second, when considering who to get involved with, remember that dating has a purpose. No, it isn’t to have fun, or to fill your own needs, practice marriage, fit in or please others. The purpose of dating is to investigate the possibility of marriage to another person. With that in mind, you can automatically eliminate a lot of people.

  • Are they saved (2 Corinthians 6:14)?
  • Are they walking with God (Proberbs 31:30)
  • Do they lift you up or drag you down?

Run through that list as you spend time with people and it will become apparent fairly quickly whether or not you should be in a relationship together.

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