Common Notes 10.1.19


Lauren O’hare quietly running slides during worship on Tuesday. You wouldn’t know it, but her small contribution makes a huge difference on Tuesday nights!

This week at Common Ground we enjoyed another rousing game of “Ruining the World.” Apparently the answer is ‘kittens,’ lol. Afterwards we worshiped together and learned about Andrew the Apostle. Fast facts: the first one called by Jesus, he is also the patron saint of Russia. Now you know. The antithesis of his brother Peter, Andrew is low key, quiet and unassuming. Looking at the scenes from scripture in which he is featured (John 1, 6, and 12) a couple of lessons can be drawn. First, individuals matter. Its great to win crowds of people to Jesus, but everyone matters. So, while Peter is preaching to thousands, Andrew takes people to Jesus one at a time. Who do you need to introduce to Jesus? Second, inconspicuous is a-okay. Andrew was inconspicuous. He doesn’t say much, doesn’t figure prominently in a lot of stories, just follows Jesus and quietly goes about the work of a disciple. Sometimes people feel unworthy because they don’t have big flashy gifts or talents, but neither did Andrew and Jesus chose him first! He was an ordinary guy, blessing people with his ordinary life because he knew an extraordinary Jesus. How have you been blessed with “small gifts?” Andrew shows us that you don’t have to be out and loud to make an impact on someone’s life. For an even deeper look at exactly why we don’t have to all be like Peter, read 1 Corinthians 12. You’ll be glad you did.

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