Common Notes 9.24.19

Last night at Common Ground we played a game called Ruining the World, where contestants had to tell us how Abraham Lincoln, The Washington Monument and Public Transportation were ‘ruining the world.’ We also watched a slideshow from this weekend’s 417 Collegiate Retreat and announced a trip to the Defend conference in January.

As we continue into the “Ordinary Men” series, this week we examined the life of Peter the Apostle. Thirty minutes is no was to treat this important apostle, the leader of the 12, so after a quick overview of a few factoids, we dove into a single scene, namely the time when he walked on water with Jesus (Matthew 14:22-33). There we identified 8 points and a question to apply from each one. It was also pointed out that these were inspired in part by Mark Driscoll and John MacArthur…

  1. Look for Jesus and keep looking to Jesus. The disciples were surprised when He showed up in the storm. We know better. When life gets stormy, look for Him. He’ll be there. What does looking to Jesus look like for you?
  2. When Jesus command you, obey Him. Peter did the last thing anyone would expect because Jesus called Him to it! What is Jesus calling you to do that goes against the grain what you or other might think?
  3. Faith is simply taking the next step. Jesus called, Peter obeyed and everything was fine in that moment. It was only when Peter looked away that things went south. What is the next step of faith Jesus has asked you to take?
  4. Faith unleashes the supernatural. Peter walked on water because he was fully committed to following Jesus. Miracles, both obvious and obscure, happen all the time when we are willing to be fully surrendered to God. What area of your life do you need to commit to Him?
  5. Fear will sink you. Peter looks away from Jesus, gets scared and immediately gets in trouble. Fear always has that effect. What is it that you are afraid of that is controlling and holding you back?
  6. Jesus saves us from more than just hell. Peter could’ve drowned, but Jesus wouldn’t allow that. What are some of the the things Jesus has saved you from? Consider things you might never have experienced because of His presence in your life.
  7. A little faith is better than no faith. Jesus chides Peter’s “little faith,” but of the 12 men in the boat, we only talk about the one who got out. What does having a ‘little faith’ look like in your life?
  8. You can choose to worry or worship. Everyone in that boat was afraid, even the hardened fishermen who had grown up at sea. And in a matter of moments, they went from worry to worship. God is always on his throne, even when the storms of life are rocking your boat to the point that you think it might sink. Is there any area in your life where you in worry mode when you should be worshipping?

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