Spring Break 2019 Pt. 5: Panama City, FL

Our team in Port St. Joe with the Southern Flag. Go Lions!

Port St. Joe is another small community on the Florida Gulf coast that is struggling in the aftermath of the storm. Today one of our teams was able to clear brush and build a fence for an elderly couple there. The team was short one pair of hands today as we took a young lady to the emergency room with severe abdominal pain. Blessedly, she was fine and discharged later with medication and instructions to rest and rehydrate. Team members and support staff prayed for her throughout the day.

Miss Lisa, herself a journalist, is interviewed by a reporter from the North American Mission Board.

One new development we saw today was an influx of media coverage. Joplin local station KODE is running a story as is NAMB and the Panama City News Herald. Not sure how or why that came about, but our prayer is that the gospel would go forward because of it.

One highlight of the day was getting stopped and thanked profusely by a mailman faithfully fulfilling his appointed rounds. He was grateful for the work being done in Mexico Beach.

More pics on the Facebook page: MSSU Baptist Student Union.

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