Spring Break 2019 Pt. 4: Panama City, FL

Today felt like Spring Break. We all went out to our sites and worked half a day before heading to Panama City Beach. Although the high for the day was only 66 degrees, it felt like 80 on the beach. Everyone had fun swimming, sunning playing beach volleyball before heading to dinner.

The devastation we’ve seen at and around our worksites is unbelievable. Those familiar with the Joplin tornado will understand the suffering of a community literally torn asunder. Only it isn’t a single community. It’s dozens, if not hundreds of communities.

One of the highlights of the week so far has been the attitudes of everyone here. Sleeping on the floor in a strange place, eating strange food, riding in the shuttle for hours on end and working like dogs… We’re tired, but smiling. Worn, but laughing. One of the crew chiefs asked about that today. “What makes these groups so different?” The answer is purpose. We aren’t here for a paycheck. It isn’t just another project in a long string. It’s us here together, united in Christ, to do something special.

More pics on our Facebook page: MSSU Baptist Student Union.

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