Spring Break 2019 Pt. 2: Panama City, FL

Our first full day in Florida was a good one. Because of the size of our group, we’ve been divided into two separate teams, but today everyone (there are five teams) worked together. One of our teams chose to do a devotion together before breakfast, but we all started the day worshiping with the congregation at Immanuel Baptist Church where we’re staying all week. After lunch we went to Greater Bethel A. M. E., an African-American congregation nearby, where we gutted the building with the help of crews from Southern Arkansas University and University of Cincinnati. Like many people in this area the they were shocked to find out that their insurance doesn’t cover hurricane damage. Apparently that requires a separate policy. The real labor, however, isn’t found in the physical work, but in listening to the storm survivors as they worked alongside us. Members of the church came by to help out, and their stories are at times frightening, encouraging and heartbreaking, but always amazing. For more pics and info check out our Facebook page.

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