Love is…

This week we spent a couple of days in the Lion’s Den at MSSU asking people to finish the statement, “Love is…” As you might imagine we got a great variety of comments and had some really good conversations with people about why they answered as they did as well as what we, as Christians, believe to be the answer.

Love is…complicated! As students wrote on the board, they were asked if, time permitting, they wouldn’t mind sharing more about their answer. This often led to them asking us about it in return.

From the Christian perspective, love is what God demonstrated toward us when he sent Jesus to die on the cross. This Sunday is Easter, when the followers of Jesus celebrate not his death, but what happened next. We believe that three days later he came back, was resurrected, and so proved the truth of all the crazy things he taught during his life. Claims like he was the God incarnate. Crazy! But how else to explain his return? Claims that he came to heal broken relationships, to make the world a better place and that by trusting in him we can have a relationship with God that leads ultimately to life with him in heaven. Love, for us, is God leading us live better both today and forever, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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