Holy diorama, Batman!

Holy diorama, Batman!

You have to appreciate the Old Testament prophets. They were called on to do all kinds of crazy stuff and they always came through. Even Jonah finished the job, although he clearly took some convincing to do so. One great example is Ezekiel. Take a minute to read Ezekiel 4:1-8. (Go on, I’ll wait…) Essentially, God asks him to make a diorama of the siege of Jerusalem and lay down in the dirt with it for over a year while he preached to passers-by. Image what that must have looked like!

Now, let’s bring that forward. Consider this question: who was your all-time favorite teacher or professor? Chances are they were really good at creative engagement; they found ways to hold your attention and make the material interesting, the good ones always do. God understands that. That’s why, if you take time to read through a lot of the Old Testament prophets, you’ll find tons of examples of these guys doing all sorts of crazy weird things to get people’s attention and make their point.

What does that mean for you, though?

It means this, instead of shirking the responsibility of sharing faith, have a little fun with it instead. Be creative. Look for odd connections and teachable moments when you can take the conversation in an unexpected direction. Don’t force it and you’ll find opportunities to share can come quite naturally. And don’t worry, it’s highly unlikely you’ll wind up making a diorama and laying on the ground somewhere. After all, it’s been done already!

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