Thoughts from Defend 2018, day 3

Craig Hazen pointed out that while Jesus is a universal religious figure–everyone feels the need to deal with him–only Christianity makes him the central figure.

Gary Canfield taught that it’s okay to fail, that failure can direct us to where/what we need to be and we’re not going through it alone.

Gary Habermas shared with us six facts that NINETY PERCENT or more of academic experts agree on (including atheists):

  1. Jesus lived and died by crucifixion.
  2. The Disciples sincerely believed they had seen and experienced the risen Jesus.
  3. The Resurrection was proclaimed extremely early by the church.
  4. The Disciples were transformed by their experiences.
  5. James the Skeptic (Jesus’ brother) was transformed.
  6. Saul the Accuser became Paul the Apostle and was transformed.

Given those academically indisputable facts, you do a lot! That said, again, most disbelief is centered not in fact, but emotion. People don’t want to believe, for one reason or another, and twist truth to justify their disbelief. (Incidentally, Habermas indicates that over 75% of all scholars believe in an empty tomb.)

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