Spring Break 2017: St. Louis, MO Pt. 2

Our second day in St. Louis started with us attending the college group for FBC Arnold followed by the worship service, wherein the Senior Pastor, Kenny Qualls, preached a fantastic message out of Joshua 2. Afterwards, we ate lunch at the church before heading off on our sightseeing day. Part of the group went to visit the Gateway Arch and the rest visited the zoo, which is free in St. Louis. When dinner time rolled around, we reconvened at Fritz’s where the root beer floats contain about a quart of ice cream apiece. Crazy! It was strange thinking about the hardships suffered by Paul on his missionary journeys while we gorged on BBQ after a day of enjoying the city. The day ended with a commissioning service and prayer back at FBC Arnold.

Tomorrow and the rest of the week will be spent reaching out to students at Washington University.

As it was, in fact, Grant Strickland’s Birthday, we stopped at the zoo to sing to him. Being the intensely private individual that he is, he took it well.

Travis Hamm leads the group in prayer at the end of our commissioning service.

“Through Jesus, for His glory, God will take us where we have never been before.”   –Kenny Qualls

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