Spring Break 2017: St. Louis, MO Pt.1

MBC Collegiate Ministry Strategist Travis Hamm walks students through a team building exercise on day 1.

This year when considering Spring Break options, the only one that was even considered was the invitation from the Missouri Baptist Convention to spend our week helping launch a new ministry in St. Louis. As details for the trip unfolded we eventually discovered that we would be working on the campus of Washington University with a team of BSU students from Northwest Missouri State University. In preparation for the trip we spent time praying for the endeavor and investigating WU online. FBC Arnold graciously volunteered to serve as our hosts during our time in St. Louis.

Travis Hamm, a Collegiate Ministry Strategist for the MBC, spent the first day of our trip walking the combined MSSU/NMSU team through a series of exercises to help prepare us for the mission. Students were led through a strategy session for sharing on the campus, a lecture on the context of Washington University (which is quite different than both our campuses), a brainstorming session to identify how we can best accomplish our task here, a team building exercise and more.

And in the evening, worship broke out…

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