Common Notes 2.14.17

Imagine what it would be like to get married, then the way to the reception hear your new spouse say something like, “I’m so glad we got married, I’ll see you every Sunday now!” How would you react to that? Or what if they said, “Being married is great, but you know I’m still going to live with my parents, right?” Or even, “SO glad we did this, but please don’t tell anyone, okay?” Um… okay… what the what?!

More than once in the Bible our relationship with Jesus is described as that between a bride and groom, but we often live as if we were still single; unwilling to change, ashamed to say anything about our relationship, only willing to show up once a week. That’s not who Jesus called us to be, and make no mistake, when we decide to follow Jesus, it is a call to a new personal identity, not just a different lifestyle.

Romans 10:8 says, “The message is in you, in your mouth and in your heart…” That’s what being married is like. It’s having a relationship with someone that is so special, so impactful, that you just can’t keep it in. It’s something you like to talk about and something you cherish deep inside. Is that true in your life? Is your walk with Christ like that? Why or why not?

Married people, especially newlyweds, talk about being married. It is an unmistakable part of who they are; it changes their daily routines and habits, the way they spend money and how they spend time. So, when it comes to our relationship with Jesus, shouldn’t we consider it the same way?



Special thanks to Dr. Adrian Rogers, whose preaching inspired the message this week.

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