Spring Break 2016: Memphis Pt. 2

Our first day of Bible Club at Treadwell Elementary. Twenty-two kids arrived and had a good time in games, crafts and stories during the morning. The students did a great job of rounding the kids up from surrounding neighborhoods and we expect the numbers to go up tomorrow as word gets out of our presence. Many of these kids really have nothing else to do and little support at home, so much so that some of them are literally responsible for getting themselves up, dressed, fed and off to school by second grade.  

Duck, duck, goose. Because the classics never die!


Craft time!


Thalita Correa (Crowder College) enjoys a moment with her new BFFs.

  In the afternoon we headed over to North Frayser Community Center, where we expected to spend time with even more kids, but were disappointed to find that it was filled with older youth and 20-somethings playing some hardcore basketball. After enduring a few racially motivated comments, we found our way to a back room to which a center employee directed a few smaller kids who were more likely to get swallowed whole by the chaos on the basketball courts. Such is life. We made the best of it, engaging the kids we had since, after all, God was not surprised.

“Whoever welcomes one little child such as this in My name welcomes Me…”

Jesus (Mark 9:37)

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