Common Notes 2.2.16

  Last week at Common Ground we were blessed to have with us Gene Austin from the Missouri Baptist Convention. Gene was asked to speak to the group from the minor prophets (that section in your Bible right in front of Matthew that most people don’t read or understand). We’ll be camping out in this dark corner of the Bible this semester, and given his choice, Gene spoke from the book of Joel. It’s only three chapters, so give it a try! Here, in Gene’s own words, is the essence of what we heard Tuesday night:

What might an OT prophet have to say to our social media, information overload society. Many of the same things he said to Judah as they were nearing their fall – judgment is coming because of your sin, repent and God is always faithful.

How is God working and how might we proclaim the gospel in the midst of all that is happening in our society – even things we totally disagree with. We need a fresh outpouring of His spirit. We need fresh, young voices prophesying where they see God working and visions on how to minister in these situations. God is Lord and we have the opportunity to help others see that in the way we live.

Joel challenges us to do all of this. I encourage you to read this prophet and let God speak into your life.

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