BSU Christmas Party

One of the favorite events of the semester every year is the BSU Christmas party. And why not, IT’S CHRISTMAS! Right? And one of the coolest elements of the party is seeing how the planners change it up every year. Live music or Pandora? Formal wear or casual? A catered meal or just snack? Christmas trivia, games, a gingerbread house making contest? What will it be this year?! Awesome. That’s what it will be. Awesome. Because no matter what happens at the party, we’re there to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

For the record, this year’s party featured “cocktail attire,” a grilled cheese bar, and several ‘minute-to-win-it’ games. Everyone had a great time thanks to the hard work of Ruth Loy and Lindsay Baker, two outstanding young women who love Jesus. (Also, shout out to alum Brandon Pearce for hooking us up with a nice try of Chick-fil-a nuggets!) 


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