Humans of BSU

We want you to get to know the faces here at the Baptist Student Union!Untitled-2

We’re starting a project called the Humans of BSU.

To start off, we want you to know the people who have committed to serving our campus and you through the Baptist Student Union. We love you all, and want you to know the people behind the scenes, as well as being able to know who to approach with any questions you may have or anything you may need.

We were were asked to answer this question to share with y’all:

What is the biggest thing God has shown you about Himself this year and how does that change you?

So, get to know your Leadership Team!

_MG_0849-2Lindsay Baker

Public Relations Major and a junior at MSSU

Nevada, MO

A part of the BSU for a year and a half – first semester on Leadership

“The biggest thing that the Lord has shown me this past year is His overwhelming provision and love for me. His blessings have been generous and I’m amazed everyday at how He’s carried me through all my ups and downs in life. I can’t thank Him enough for all He’s done and continues to do. Seeing and recognizing how good He’s been to me, I work everyday to reflect Him- especially in compassion, forgiveness, and patience.”


Ty Moore

Pre-Dentistry Major and a senior at MSSU

Jay, OK

A part of the BSU for three and a half years – third year on Leadership

“God has shown me: God has shown me He is still on His throne. He is still good. He still loves me, and He still knows what is best for me. He has shown me that even when healing doesn’t necessarily come in our time, our prayers aren’t answered, or our hearts desires aren’t met doesn’t mean that He isn’t there or that He doesn’t care. God has an eternal perspective that only He has that is constantly working all things for good and for His glory. I’m not ever going to understand things in this life. As much as I want to, it just isn’t my job to. He is showing me to trust Him. Trust Him in everything. When trials come and things don’t go my way, He is still God. He knows everything and is working everything for my good even when I can’t necessarily see that in my earthly perspective. He is showing me to be patient, trust Him, and seek Him in all things. He is God. I am not. Praise Him for that.”


Ruth Loy

Business Major and a sophomore at MSSU

Joplin, MO

A part of the BSU for two years – second year on Leadership

“I’ve been learning a lot about who Christ is in this last year. The Lord in His goodness and grace has shaken me up, broken me down, and revealed a lot about my filthy state. But He’s redeemed, forgiven, and held me closely. He has proven, over and over again, to be faithful, overwhelmingly merciful, compassionate, and completely sovereign. He is holy, a strong & steady hand, and a gentle Father. As absolutely and fully unworthy I am, His affection and love for me are humbling. He constant when I am not, He is clarity in the confusion. He is good, and so gracious, and seeing that repeatedly play out in my life in the last twelve months has yet to cease drawing me to my knees. Knowing Him more continues to keep shaping and changing me. I’ll keep failing in my attempts in life and keep breaking- always in need of that Savior. But I pray that I never lose sight of my need for that constant saving, that perpetual transformation never stops, and that I always rejoice in the good news of who He is.”


Grant Lewis

Youth Ministry Major and a sophomore at Ozark Christian College

Carl Junction, MO

A part of the BSU for two years – first semester on Leadership

“One thing God has shown me throughout this year is that He is sovereign. In the end, god will be glorified through the trials I’m facing, through the stress of college and through the times of rest and joy as well. I feel like I’m constantly being reminded of who God is and His greatness and this has helped me to step back and really marvel the God, in His mercy, has looked down on me; a broken and imperfect college kid, and allowed me to take part in advancing His glory and to play a role in His story here on earth. “

_MG_0931Kaitlin Fraser

Pre- Physical Therapy Major and a sophomore at MSSU

Carl Junction

A part of the BSU for two years – second year on Leadership

“The biggest thing God has been showing me is that He wants me to trust Him and that He will always be there for me. That’s comforting to me as things around me change.”

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