Collegiate Week 2015: Final Thoughts

Either someone is snoring, or maybe has the gift of tongues?

Thank you, Glorieta Camps, for a great and glorifying week! A few final thoughts from students on the trip:

  • Jade A.–This week God showed me how little I trust His ability to save my unbelieving family.
  • Garrett G.–This week God showed me that I cannot just absorb the word of God and do nothing about you it.
  • Neal D.–This week God showed me the importance of prayer and mediation on His word and will for my life.
  • Harper R.–This week God showed me: I need to build new relationships.
  • Andy L.–God showed me that I’m not the only one who had doubts and it is normal too and I love getting the groups together then I love the tribes together and getting to Jon smith and Pocahontas.
  • Heather D.–This week God showed me how much I want to invest in the people around me. I do not just want to catch up, but keep up with the others in my life. Especially the ones around me who are non-believers.
  • Matti R.–God showed me this week that I really need to be patient and allow Him to reveal His timing for my life and not rely on my own timing.
  • Ty M.–This week God showed me where my relationship with Him is failing. My prayer life and my quiet time are not where they need to be. I have felt him move in my life this week to become a better leader and man of God He has called me to be.
  • Michael A.–This week God showed me that i need to be moving closer to him in order to become the spiritual leader He has called me to be in my marriage. One way I am going to make this happen is to seek out a mentor who can keep me accountable and disciple me further in the ways of Christ and how to be the husband he has called me to be.
  • Ruth L.–This week God showed me He is faithful.
  • Grant S.–This week God showed me that I need to be intentional with relationships in my life for the gospel.
  • Kaitlin F.–This week God showed me that I need to spend more quiet time focused on Him.
  • Monica C.–This week I’ve noticed at Collegiate Week how open everyone is and how much they want to hear “your story.” This year will be very moving.
  • Liz P.–This week God showed me that I am not nothing and that I need new friends.
  • Brad E.–My favorite thing this week was investing in lives.
  • Kaylee J.–This week God showed me how faithful He is. He placed this opportunity in my life. As a lost Christian that I felt I was, He pulled me in. His faithfulness pulled through. If I take time for Him, He will take His time to guide me the way He wants.
  • Joel A.–This week God showed me that I needed to be growing up spiritually as a christian. One way I am going to do this is by taking a quiet time every fay to study His word and praying to Him for wisdom and understanding.

Rush of Fools was fantastic. Tony Merida, Vance Pittman and Chip Luter were equally amazing. Glorieta Camps, growing pains aside, did a wonderful job of hosting us. And the big news for next year is that we somehow (the Divine Hand of Providence) managed to score a lodge for next year’s housing: 231 Piñon. 44 beds. So start praying now that God would lead students to come on this great journey  with us in 2016!

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