Collegiate Week 2015: Part 5


Zip lining was one of many awesome activities we enjoyed this week.

Last day of the conference was just as fun and dynamic as the rest. In the morning Tony Merida took the stage again and spoke to us about the parable of the feast from Luke 14, challenging us to consider how we ourselves are responding to the inivitation we have to sit at the King’s table and to bring others with us. In the evening he spoke from 2 Corinthians 5, explaining our role in speaking the Gospel, encouraging us to step up as ambassadors and share with boldness, persuasively, passionately and sacrificially.

The Spirit of God and the Word of God are sufficient to accomplish the mission of God.

At the end of the day we took time to meet together and break down the week. We shared stories about what God was doing in our hearts and talked about what went right, what went wrong and what to look forward to next year. Hearing all the ways that the Holy Spirit was whispering into people’s lives was incredible. Yes, there were tears, and smiles and laughter. God is good.

This was the biggest group anyone can remember bringing from Missouri to Collegiate Week. All told we had over 35 students representing 4 schools–MSSU, Crowder College, Missouri State and Southwest Baptist. Most came from MSSU and Crowder and it was our close partnership that enabled the group to hold together. Students were adamant that making it a “Missouri” trip instead of dividing up was one of their favorite aspects of the experience. They loved the camaraderie and fellowship we shared and are excited about taking home some of the things they learned this week and continuing the friendships they started. What a great week!

Just a little prayer before lunch. We were blessed to have a cabin to cook and eat at; most groups eat at the caffeteria.


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