Collegiate Week 2015: Part 4


Kaylee Jones at Tent Rocks National Monument

Tony Merida started us off today in James 1:17-26. His main thrust was encouraging us to take seriously the charge to be doers of the Word, and in doing so he explained:

  1. Why we should value the Word. “If you want to hear God speak, you have to open God’s Word.”
  2. How we should receive the Word. (The first step to understanding the Bible is to be humble.)
  3. How we should be doers of the Word. (Many people are charmed by the Bible, but not changed by it.)

Hearing message after message like this is akin to drinking from a fire hose. You can only get so much! Throw a few interesting and relevant breakout sessions on top of it and it’s a wonder somebody doesn’t just explode from spiritual overload!!!

A little volleyball at the Santa Fe Place mall after dinner.

After a quick lunch of taco salad at the lodge, we all jumped into the vans and drove off to find Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks Natiobal Monument. After a short misadventure looking for gas on the way, we headed right to it (shout out to Google Maps). There most of us explored a couple of short trails through the amazing rock structures. A few people hung back, sore from yesterday’s brutal haul up Glorieta Baldy. The slot canyon trail was particularly glorious to see and hike through. When we were done we headed back to Santa Fe for a nice meal. Some finished sooner than others and enjoyed hitting a volleyball around a bit while waiting.

The evening session saw us spending time with Vance Pittman. Vance brought us a great word from Acts 8. He pointed out 4 characteristics common to the twelve apostles that we ourselves can share in as well.

  1. They had a faith that produced obedience.
  2. They had a passion that produced unity.
  3. They had a desperation that produced prayer.
  4. They had the Spirit that produced power.
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