Collegiate Week 2015: Part 3

 Another beautiful day at Glorieta. This one started with another great set from Rush of Fools and a sermon on 1 Kings 3 from Chip Luter, who observed that Solomon recognized three things when he asked for something as intangible as wisdom, a gift only God could give.

  1. He was in a privileged place of power (v.6).
  2. He was immature and ignorant (v.7).
  3. He was a manager, not the master (v.8).

His big idea was, “When you ask for the unusual, you’ll get the unexpected. When you get the unexpected, people see more of God and less of you.”

After Chip Luter, there were more challenging and rewarding breakout sessions. However, a good portion of our group decided they wanted to enjoy God through nature by climbing Glorieta Baldy, a 10 mile hike up a 10,000 peak. It’s a serious trip, and those who went up came home late in the afternoon TIRED, but generally no worse the wear.

Huge hike. Huge smiles!

Those who didn’t make the hike went instead to the breakout sessions before lunch before heading to Dairy Queen in Pecos for a quick bite and ice cream. (The mini Rolo blizzard is TOTALLY worth it).

Despite the weariness of the busy day the group found new energy at the evening worship session. There Tony Merida spoke to us about adoption from Galatians 4:4-7. With 5 adopted kids at home, he knows a thing or two about the subject. In his message he drew 8 parallels between physical and spiritual adoption:

  1. Adoption is seriously planned.
  2. Adoption requires the right qualifications.
  3. Adoption is costly.
  4. Adoption saves children from terrible situations.
  5. Adoption involves an identity change.
  6. Adoption involves the spirit of sonship.
  7. Adoption transforms the child in every way.
  8. Adoption gives the child the right to be an heir of the father.

“Greater news doesn’t exist than spiritual orphans have been adopted by the Father.”

Soak in THAT for awhile!

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