Mission to Mavuno 3

Tuesday: After our first real night sleep and a breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls (which were fantastic), the team was treated to a full tour of the village. The ministry at Mavuno is to make productive Christian Tanzanians by providing homes for orphans in stable Christian homes and helping families by giving them the resources to become self-sustaining. The vision for Mavuno includes farming, fishing, ranching and dairy opportunities, but there is a cultural bias against looking to the future which prohibits a lot of success in these areas. Spiritually, witchcraft runs strong here as well.

After the tour the team was stuffed full of lunch (more great food), then began to work in earnest. Some helped move a washing machine, some helped prepare the walls we will paint tomorrow, and we worked on documenting the trip for future teams to consider. Later we will play with the kids and partake in a community soccer game.

Internet access is extremely limited, so be patient, more updates coming…






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