Mission to Mavuno 2

Monday: It’s taken over 50 hours, but we’ve finally arrived at Mavuno Village. We flew from Rogers to Chicago to London to Nairobi without incident. By the time we cleared customs there ad met up with Dan Tanner–whom we’ll be working with while we’re here–it was after 1am Sunday morning, so we spent the night Sunday at Mayfield Guest House, owned by Africa Inland Mission. The house was great and AIM proved to be a gracious host for the few hours we stayed. After a 5:15 breakfast call we said a prayer and hit the road in a Toyota Landcruiser loaded to the roof. The road was rough and the car was crowded, but the drive across Kenya though the Rift Valley and into Tanzania was amazing. It have us a chance to taste local culture and customs we wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

We’ve had fun getting here and look forward to starting our work tomorrow. God has blessed us with safety and health so far. Please continue to lift us up in your prayers.

Internet is nearly impossible here, so pics later.



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