Spring Break 2014: Arlington, Texas (Pt. 4)

Grunt work. It’s the dirty underbelly of missions, the part no one wants to do, doesn’t feel real glamorous and isn’t fun to tell your friends about. Mission Arlington uses volunteers to do a lot of grunt work: sweeping sidewalks, cleaning toilets, minor repair and maintenance on their facilities. The hours those volunteers pour into manual labor are unsung, boring, sometimes dirty and unrewarding. And they are absolutely critical to their ministry. The thousands of dollars they save on janitorial services alone enable them to do things like fund scholarships for kids to go to camp, hire essential positions in the ministry and develop materials to help their workers share the Gospel.

This morning we did grunt work, cleaning buildings on their property until lunchtime. After lunch we went back to Addison Park Apartments for day three of Rainbow Express. There we were blessed to serve in a more glamorous position by playing with kids, teaching Bible stories and sharing the Gospel. And yes, we used materials developed by Mission Arlington. As an added bonus we were blessed to have 3 people surrender to Christ. What started as a long day turned into one we can celebrate for eternity.


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