Was Jesus a man like us?

Gentlemen, the question has been asked, was Jesus a man like us? Leaving that whole “Son of God” thing aside, the answer still seems pretty obvious: When it gets too hot in the summer, we drink iced-tea and sit in an air-conditioned living room watching ESPN or Fresh Prince reruns on television from the comfort of an overstuffed recliner. Jesus? He sat under a shade tree and hoped for breeze. When it gets too cold in the winter we crank up the central heat, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and read good book. Jesus? He put an extra log on the fire and hoped frostbite didn’t set in. When we get a headache we take Advil. Jesus sucked it up. We have cars and trucks. Jesus had his feet. We have indoor plumbing… imagine never using another toilet again. Ever. Or two-ply toilet paper. Ever. We get all amped up about camping in the woods for a week, but most of what we consider ‘primitive’ was what Jesus called ‘normal.’

Was Jesus a man like us? What do you think?

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