engage14Just a few notes from this year’s Engage conference, put on by the Leadership Development Team at the Missouri Baptist Convention, which was held for the first time at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Eight students from the BSU went this year, and by all accounts they had a great time worshiping and learning about God with students from all over Missouri.  Eric Bryant spoke during the main sessions and Jon Meyer led worship.  Here’s what students had to say about the weekend:

Danielle: This weekend I learned that I need to trust God more and surrender all of me. Then I need to be content with what God gives back because He knows what is best for me.

Molly: Over the weekend I learned several things. The thing that stood out most was to stop living in fear and to be moveable.  God’s plan is bigger than my wants and desires. He has all the details covered and His will should be our ultimate desire.

Bethany: I learned that the right plan is where you are God’s moveable possession, meaning God can position you in a place that might not be where you want to be but where God can use you for the glory of His kingdom.

Clint: I like to imagine myself being able to take in all wisdom God has to offer through His people at an event like this. I constantly better myself to accept truth and that wisdom. The discussion of allowing God to fully tap into us through our daily conversations is something I plan to directly implement.

Neal: Going into this weekend I had two goals that I wanted to accomplish. The first one was to get a better view of how to be a godly leader. The other was how to grow and challenge the youth group of my home church that I lead. Everything at this conference seemed to directly contribute to either one or both of those goals.

Meredith: This weekend was a good reminder of things I need to continue to work on. The biggest reminder of the weekend was to not let fear stop you from what God has in store for you. Whatever it is God is telling you to do, just say yes. The best things in life happen when you just say yes and are obedient to Him.

Katelyn: This weekend I learned that in order to have all of God that you must lose ALL of yourself. This goes along with complete surrender so God can you you!

Ty: I learned that I need to number my days not knowing when my final breath could be. I need to be organized on my daily time with God and set up a plan to be reading the greatest source of wisdom we have on earth while making sure not to get caught going through the motions.


Eric Bryant talked about creating positive culture in our ministries.

The crew stopped by Wendy's to get to debrief after the Saturday evening session.

The crew stopped by Wendy’s to debrief after the Saturday evening session.

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