13 Tips for Holiday-ting Couples

Maintaining purity in a relationship can be tough under normal circumstances, but during the holidays it can be next to impossible. There tends to be a more relaxed atmosphere and less accountability between Thanksgiving and January, what with all the Christmas parties and people going home for weeks at a time, and that is all fine and good, but it can also lead to serious bouts with temptation. So, boys and girls, here’s a little bit of practical advise to help you honor God with your relationship during “the most wonderful time of the year.”

  1. Honor God with your body; it was bought by the blood of Jesus and any sexual activity outside of marriage dishonors the One who paid for it.
  2. Define your physical boundaries BEFORE you cross them. Review them often and don’t compromise. (Men, the ladies love it when you show a little leadership here.)
  3. Have a plan.  Know what you’re going to do with your time together.  And no, “hang out” is not a plan.
  4. When it comes to getting physical, Ladies, ask yourself one question: If my dad was in the room, would I still be doing this? If the answer is no, STOP!  The word “Father” is used in scripture over 900 times.  Boyfriend?  Zero.
  5. Guys, ask yourself one question: If this was my sister, would I still be doing this? If the answer is no, STOP! (1 Timothy 5:1-2)
  6. Keep your hands visible at all times. (Basic, and yet so often ignored…)
  7. Keep both feet flat on the floor. You’d be amazed by how much it can cramp your style. (Thank you Craig Groeschel.)
  8. If you find yourself home alone with your significant other, one of you needs to leave. Immediately.
  9. Parking is a great way to get in an accident. When you drop them off, don’t sit there for an hour alone in the dark.
  10. Pray together before every date. Give your relationship to God, and remind yourselves that He is with you… always.
  11. Gentlemen, lead from the front–take her to church with you.  Ladies, if he won’t do this simple basic spiritual task, why are you with him?!
  12. Accountability matters. Let someone you trust know about the plans you have for each date and ask you hard questions about your behavior and attitude afterwards.
  13. Never give up. How far you went or what you did the last time you were together is irrelevant to what you’re doing right now. Every time you’re together is an opportunity to honor the Lord.
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