Run, don’t hide.

The cross of Jesus Christ cannot be revoked, nor would it be revoked even if God were able to do so, for it is the defining expression of His love for His children.  How sad is it then, that so many of those He loves so much live in fear of just such a happening?  How tragic that they live with the secret belief that God looks on their lives since their surrender to Jesus and thinks to Himself, “What a mistake that was!” as if He Himself secretly regretted sacrificing His Son on their behalf.  It is as if they look at themselves—their secret sins, the hypocrisies and imperfections that dog their lives—and believe the lie that somehow God looks on them with shame.

            The truth that followers of Jesus must accept is that if Jesus really is their LORD, then they were adopted as children of God not for meritorious service they performed in the past, or for the radical purity that would mark their lives in the future, but for the simple and sufficient reason that God in His infinite wisdom chose them.   “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”  (Romans 5:8)  There is a beautiful sense of freedom to be had by those who are willing to accept the truth those words.

            You were chosen, Child of God, without reservation, regret or remorse.  Your Father accepted, adopted and adores you for who you are in Jesus Christ.  Does He enjoy watching you struggle with sin?  Of course not!  But He’d so much rather be a part of your life and help you move past it than watch you hide and suffer in silence alone.  So run to Him,He’s waiting…

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