Getaway 2013

This last weekend 14 Missouri Southern students went to Getaway, the statewide BSU retreat held at Tan-tar-a Resort every year.  Hip-hop worship?  Yup.  Great Teaching?  Yup?  3-on-3 basketball tournament?  Yup.  Bonding time? Yup.  Chances to meet people from other schools? Yup.  It was a great weekend.IMG_0585

The theme this year was “Inside Out.”  Speakers talked about how easy it is to get sucked into believing that externals are what really matter in life… how many “likes” you get on a Facebook status, how good you look compared to other people, how well you blend in.  The truth is that God looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7) and that’s where we need to start.  When we find our value in Jesus Christ, not the world, then we have the ability to be the difference we long to see.  Here’s what some of those who went have to say about it:

Katelyn– My whole life I have been a people-pleaser.  I have striven to gain the acceptance of every person around me.  I was so busy focusing on pleasing man that God got put on the back burner.  This weekend I learned that man looks at the outside and God looks at the heart.  God has already accepted us.  The main take-away point I had was to stop caring what man thinks and focus on my relationship with God!

Gretel–This weekend at Getaway I felt like God just reiterated a few things for me.  As a member of the MOSO BSU for 3 years now I’ve been to Getaway before.  This year God showed me that I need to be a worshipper before worship leader, college student, single girl, future teacher, etc.  The list goes on!  I was challenged to practice His presence at all times, in all places… Challenge accepted.

Keshia–My take-away from this weekend is that we should open up and get to know the people right in front of us.  We think that they are ‘fine’ from their outside appearance, when in reality they could be struggling inside.  We take for granted the fact that we think that everyone knows Christ.  If we actually got to know them and talk to them, they might form a relationship with God.

Clint–One thing these events are able to do is really allow for us to humble ourselves to the power of our creation and creator.  This Getaway especially emphasized that its not about having God to get you an Office Depot promotion, its abiding in Him to be at our best.  The event staff was so giving and natural at getting this across.

Danielle–This weekend has been absolutely AMAZING!  I have loved getting to know our group better.  I am still processing from all that was said during the main sessions as well as in the breakout sessions.  One concept that I never fully thought about was that complete surrender is doing what God is calling you to do when you absolutely do not want to do it.  I also learned that I should not try to fix problems all the time and to let God do His work.  I encourage everyone to come next year!

Caitlyn–This trip I learned that God loves us from the inside out even though most times we look at people based on their outside appearances.  God doesn’t notice what we look like, he notices what is in our heart.  I am so glad I went on this trip.  It has really changed my life for the better.

Michael–This weekend has given me more insight on how to live my life according to His will.  I now know that I need to be abiding in Him, not just letting Him abide in me.  This weekend has also made me realize that since He abides in me I should tell others about Him so they can He can abide in them.

Jade–This weekend convicted me to the point of confession that I so desperately needed to reach.  I learned that in order to learn and live His plan for me I’ve got to take “me” out of the equation.  I need to get rid of my selfish attitude and just let God have His way.

Wes–This weekend I learned that I need to pray for more than just the same stuff every day, and spend more time in thought with God.  Also, be a better leader at home, in my family and my relationship with friends and etc…

Jordan–Got put going with IMB in my heart this weekend.  Going overseas for six months, away from everyone I know, all my comforts, a lifestyle that I’m familiar with, and then trusting God for EVERYTHING, which sharing Jesus with others.  I’m going to walk forward in this and know He’s with me whatever comes.

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