The Fifth Gospel

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; the Gospels. That’s how we know them. But there is another gospel, the Fifth Gospel, which speaks to the hearts of men with just as much power. It is the gospel of God’s work in your life, the gospel of you. No one understands the work that God has done in your life quite like you do. And when it comes to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, of his power to change a life and to bring grace and peace into someone’s world, your own experience is a great testimony to reveal.

In today’s culture it can seem almost impossible to talk about matters of faith, especially if you happen to be a Christian, but no one can take away the truth of what God has done in your life. No one can argue with the evidence written in your own flesh and blood. You are the Fifth Gospel, and that is something to be shouted with joy, not hidden in shame.

“You yourselves are our letter, written on your hearts, recognized and read by everyone, since it is plain that you are Christ’s letter, produced by us, not written with ink but with the Spirit of the living God; not on stone tablets but on tablets that are hearts of flesh.”       2 Corinthians 3:2-3

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