Top Ten reasons to check out the BSU.

Alright.  There are literally dozens of groups out there this week screaming for attention at the top of their lungs, doing whatever they can to draw attention to themselves.  (Will the Frats will hold another “milk challenge” like they did last year.  Nothing says “join our group” like a bunch of guys drinking colored milk until they throw up in public.)  Some groups will prosper more than others, but all deserve a little respect for making the attempt to connect with new students.  And we understand that not every group is for every person, but every person would probably benefit from finding a good group to be a part of.

That said, we seriously think that the Baptist Student Union is a great choice for almost anyone.  Why, you may ask?  Great question, and here’s our Top Ten answers (in no particular order):


After you tailgate, you go to the game and watch Southern WIN!

1.     Tailgate parties.  Yup, we support our school and you should be too.

2.     Spring Break mission trips.  Florida, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, New Mexico… Where will it be this year?

3.     Fellowship: We like pretty much everybody, so we’re a good group to hang out with.

4.     Common Ground: Collegiate worship the way the good Lord intended.  Tuesdays at 7pm!

5.     NoonDay Café: Whoever said there’s no such thing as a free lunch obviously never came to NoonDay.

6.     Getaway: A weekend in the fall when we, uh, get away.  A worship retreat for students

Getaway isn't all fun and games, but they are a good portion of it.

Getaway isn’t all fun and games, but they are a good portion of it!

       from across Missouri.  (With a little basketball thrown in for good measure.)

7.     ENGAGE: A student leadership development conference, because at some point everyone is called to be a leader.

8.     Bible studies: There’s no better place to make friends as you learn about God together.

9.     Collegiate Week:  Just check the pics in the Facebook album.  ‘Nuf  said.

10.Because nobody is going to work harder to make your college experience better.

BONUS: Plug-ins.  Want to get involved?  Feel like you’re really a part of something?  Make difference?!  We have opportunities galore.  Whether it’s helping organize a community outreach, leading a Bible study, playing in the worship band or something else entirely, the BSU wants you to plug in and take responsibility.  This isn’t your parent’s church, it’s your student group; own it!



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