Collegiate Week 2013 pt. 5

Nine worship sessions with Charlie Hall, David Nasser and Eric Geiger, countless breakout opportunities, a ten-mile hike up a 10,000 foot peak, shopping in Santa Fe and a ton of other fun, here’s a few reactions from MSSU students attending the conference…IMG_0249Ty—Collegiate Week was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. God moved in so many ways. This week reminded me that it is truly about Jesus Christ. He is everything we need.

Meredith—Collegiate Week has been an awesome week! Four big things I am taking away are that I need to be discipling younger girls. Girls today need someone who can live life with them and be a teacher. The breakout sessions gave me the tools and beginning materials to hopefully start with some girls in my church.

Michael—Collegiate Week has been an amazing experience. This has been a major step forward in my relationship with Christ. I’m very excited to take what I have learned to further my relationship with Christ as I tell others of this greatness. Money well spent.

Gretel—This week has been quite the wakeup call for me. I’ve felt like God has been stressing and developing a necessity for witnessing. Listening to the messages and breakout sessions has given me the tools and tips I’ve been wanting. I’ve also felt his Spirit just fill me up. He’s filling me up so I can pour out!

Jade—I learned what it means to be broken and accept the love of Christ to fix me. I came into this week after a summer of sin, a summer that I consider the worst summer ever. I learned this week that its okay to be a mess as long as I run to God as my refuge instead of the gods of this world I’m so happy I came and this trip turned my life upside down.

Wes—This week has taught me to begin a better relationship with my older brother, to find out why he turned from Christ and just began a party life. It also helped me realize how He is everything and how everything should glorify Him.

Jordan—Grace. Its hope for me. Try as I might, I will never be able to earn God’s approval, to earn holiness. I bring nothing to the table, nothing to satisfy God with. The only holy righteous person that satisfies the Father is the Son. The fact that that same Son saw me as valuable, as worthwhile, is covering that makes me holy in God’s sight. I was dirty, but now I’m clean.

Danielle—This week has been such a blessing for me. I loved being able to spend time with tons of college students and even getting to know the rest of our group better. I realized how lacking I am in knowledge but that God can work in wonderful and encouraging ways to bring the right people into my life as a helper and mentor. The breakout sessions were absolutely amazing and have given me a new passion/fire for the upcoming year. Cannot wait ‘til next year!

Stephen—Collegiate Week was an awesome uplifting and uplifting experience. It gave me more fire to preach the good news to the students at MSSU and to people around the globe.

Molly—Amazing doesn’t even come close to describing this past week! I have realized how blessed I am to know Christ and to have people around me that invest in my life. This week also focused on missions. I learned there is a mission field right in front of me and I need to do a better job of sharing Jesus. I am so glad I came and love getting to know others more. The recreational activities were great too!

Kassie—This week has exceeded expectations in more ways than one. God really spoke to my need for Him and His help. I try to do things on my own and I am not good enough to do that. God also spoke to me, convicting me to surrender things in my life that I had been trying to take care of myself.

For more about the BSU and picture from this and other MOSOBSU activities  check our website or Facebook page.IMG_0367

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