Collegiate Week 2013 pt. 4

Glorieta Baldy. lists it as 10,227 feet tall. The trailhead to climb it is here at the conference center, so what do you think we did on our free day?! It’s a ten mile hike and since the trailhead is over 7,500 feet, we Missourians felt every step, but the view and the experience were worth it. Unfortunately, there were thunderstorms in the area, so we had to stay off the watch tower at the top, but otherwise it was a beautiful day.

At the conference we were introduced to Eric Geiger who taught about the sufficiency of God’s grace from Galatians 3 and about the significance of propitiation from Luke 18. Grace alone saves us, sustains us and sanctifies us. It is the starting point on our journey with God, the road beneath our feet as we travel and the destination. It’s easy to forget sometimes just how much we depend on the grace of God. Let us not forget that our righteousness, to the extent that we are righteous, comes from Him.


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