Collegiate Week 2013 pt. 3

Our second full day at Collegiate Week was great. More great worship. More great teaching. Mini-golf… even a little kayaking. David Nasser spoke in the morning about John 6 where Jesus feeds the masses physically one day and spiritually the next, using acts of service to facilitate gospel opportunities.

During our afternoon free time, we settled on a spirited round of mini golf that came down to the last hole before it was decided. Pretty tame, but also a lot of fun with 11 people in the group.

In the evening session we heard a great presentation on God’s heart for the nations and an appeal to pray, give and go on missions. It seems like we always have an excuse for not going, or just want to hedge our bets with the familiar argument that Jesus didn’t really tell us to go as a command, but a suggestion. We seem to ask ourselves, “Why me?” The answer, it would seem is, “Why not?”

20130807-090844.jpg 80’s Party!

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