A Note to Campus Ministers

Its so easy to avoid the campus during summer; there aren’t many people around and usually nothing going on in the way of activities. That said, it’s a mistake to stay away. With students gone and the schedule slow, you can easily take the time to prayer-walk the entire school. Schedule time to go to those dark halls you don’t usually see during the routine of the school year. Meet a custodian or office assistant. Discover something new, and park wherever you want. (Okay, that’s just crazy talk!) As you explore, talk to God about the incoming class; the athletes and band members, the international students and students working two jobs to pay for tuition, the staff and faculty and RAs… any group you can think of. Ask for awakening and passion and a glimpse of eternity. Think of the masses who will soon be there hoping to shape their future, and pray that God would use you to accomplish exactly that.

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