engage_posterThis past weekend the BSU sent 10 students to the ENGAGE leadership development conference in St. Louis.  Steve Saccone was the main speaker and did a great job teaching on wisdom, approaching people and being tested, among other things.  This was Steve’s second time speaking at ENGAGE.  He was there two years ago to speak about Relational Intelligence, which he nailed.  It was also a chance to network with students from other schools.  We had a great time hanging out with some from Crowder College.  Below is a list of some of the “takeaways” that made the biggest impact on our group.

  1. We need to get better at involving people who come to our ministry.
  2. GIGs (Groups Investigating God) sound like a great idea to launch in the Fall.
  3. There are a lot of opportunities we’re missing to serve the international student community at MSSU.
  4. We should be prayer-walking on campus more.  Pairs?
  5. We need to be more relational and intentional.
  6. We need to leverage passion.  If someone loves baking cheesecake, use that!
  7. Critiquing our communicators may be a challenge, but it could well be worth it.
  8. We have a lot of introverts.  This means that being socially inviting must be intentional.
  9. We could be better about inviting people, especially after the first few weeks of class.
  10. Everyone needs discipled.  Get more mature believers to build into the younger.
  11. We need to make significant investments in our leaders.  Strengthsfinders, here we come!
Eleven (with luggage) in the elevator.

Eleven (with luggage) in the elevator.

St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch

MSSU & Crowder College at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

MSSU & Crowder College at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Aaron Werner.  Nice hat.

Aaron Werner. Nice hat.

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