Spring Break 2013: Chicago part 5

Not every day is exciting, but every day brings new opportunities to serve. Today we spent almost the entire day at Northside Church of the Nazarene, laying tile, sanding, scraping, cleaning and doing whatever the church asks. Not much to get amped up about. However, we have accomplished more than anticipated and we heard tonight that the church is excited because we’ve progressed so far so fast that it raises questions about their own readiness to continue after we leave. Pretty cool, and they seem committed to renovating this great old building in a key location in one of America’s biggest and most diverse cities. Something like 10 different churches have been birthed out of this building.

After dinner at the church, we went to a local ice cream parlor named Maggie’s about half a mile from the church. If calories were people, we ate China. It was a nice way to end the day, but when we got back we ran into the worship pastor, Reuben, who has volunteered to act as our tour guide on our free day! Not only that, but since we’re so far ahead of the work we are able to take the entire day off instead of just the afternoon. So, Chicago, HERE WE COME!!!




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