Spring Break 2013: Chicago part 2

Yesterday was great. We enjoyed the service at Northside Church of the Nazarene. Dr. Perabeau preached from Philippians about Paul’s fervor Christ. Afterwards we went to lunch at Shanghai Inn (the General Chicken was fabulous), then went to work back at the church. We did a lot of cleaning and tore out the tile floors in a couple of bathrooms until dinner, which went a lot faster than we anticipated, and had just enough time to grab a 30 minute break before dinner. After dinner we headed over to Emmaus Ministries for an Immersion Night. Immersion Night started with a long briefing on their ministry and the people they’re trying to help–male prostitutes who are usually homeless. After the briefing we grabbed the L to Boystown and wandered about for a couple of hours. It was early, for nightlife, the Saint Patrick’s Day crowd had already partied itself out the day before, it was a Sunday night and it was below freezing outside, so there wasn’t a lot to see, but what was there was fairly raunchy. One young reveler was overheard bragging that he, “can’t wait to get f****d in a bathhouse!” It was a sobering moment. We reconvened at Emmaus at midnight for a debriefing and headed back to the church after that.




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