7 Lessons from Daniel 3

Have you read Daniel 3 lately?  It’s a great passage of scripture about three guys who stand up for their faith regardless of the potentially fatal consequences.  Their perspective is amazing, especially when you think about how easy it is for us to cave in to the tides of culture and law in our society today.  Several lessons emerge from their story:

1)   Right is right, even if no one else is doing it.  (These guys knew that right thing to do wouldn’t be popular.)

2)   Wrong is wrong, even if everyone else is doing it.  (The flip side of the same coin—sin usually is quite popular.)

3)   Friends who stick together can face down anything.  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

4)   God isn’t obligated to save us, but its great when He does!

5)   Faithfulness will be rewarded.  (Although not always this quickly)

6)   We sometimes must be willing to suffer to bring God glory.  (They faced down their king knowing they’d probably burn for it.)

7)   Governments sometimes do silly things.  (You had to see that coming.)

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