Whenever I pray, I…

This week at our worship service we asked students to finish a few sentences for us about the subject of prayer. We’ll post some of the responses to each question in a different post this week. Second up:

Whenever I pray, I …

…try not to just ask for things but remember to thank him for His wonderful mercy.

…tune everything out and just talk to Him.  If I’m home I read scripture as well.

…ask for guidance in all I do.

…feel my relationship with Christ grow.

…don’t usually listen to what God has to say.

…always try to thank Him for something before presenting a petition.  Sometimes I just let it all out and find myself venting though.

…write down my prayers in a journal; I praise/thank God for who He is and what He’s doing in my life; do it anytime, anywhere.

…am at peace.

…think about the loved ones in my life.

…imagine myself standing before God and then most of my selfish concerns fade.

…praise God and ask for help for me, my family and friends.

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