Prayer is…

This week at our worship service we asked students to finish a few sentences for us about the subject of prayer.  We’ll post some of the responses to each question in a different post this week.  First up:

Prayer is…

“…the act of seeing reality from God’s point of view.” Philip Yancey (He wasn’t actually there, but he does have a point.)

…intimate.  Prayer is real.


…a way to communicate with God through a personal relationship.

…spending time with my heavenly father and building a more personal and intimate relationship with him.

…powerful, it’s the way we communicate with our heavenly father.

…the opportunity to come before God and pour ourselves out.  We can stand in His presence and have a conversation.

…a conversation with God filled with praises and humbly asking for guidance from the man who created wisdom.

…time to talk to your best friend.

…the way we express our needs and wants to our heavenly father.


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