Rock & Worship Roadshow 2013

Hi, my name is Kristin Huff. I’m a Senior here at Missouri Southern and I’m majoring in Special Education. I have the great opportunity to share a little bit about what the BSU has done for me and some of the activities that we were able to attend. The BSU has been a great place for me to grow closer to God while also meeting new people that I can now call some of my closest friends. I love being able to fellowship with students from MSSU that I normally don’t get to see while on campus.

Rock & Worship Roadshow 2013

Rock & Worship Roadshow 2013

This week the BSU took a trip to the Rock and Worship Roadshow in Springfield, Mo. We were able to see MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Tedashii, Kutless, Family Force 5, Luminate, The Rhett Walker Band, Adam Cappa, and Tim Timmons. This was a great way for us to fellowship together while also hearing many of our favorite Christian artists. It was awesome to hear many of these artists stories too. The one that spoke out to me was from Tim Timmons. Tim was diagnosed with incurable cancer 12 years ago but he still worships God and you could tell that he loved him with every fiber of his being. This hits home for me since a year and a half ago I lost my dad to cancer. God still is in control and through that experience he has brought me to a place that is so awesome. I miss my dad everyday but he is in a better place now and I cannot wish anything differently. Then, the very last song played that night was MercyMe singing their I Can Only Imagine. I Can Only Imagine what heaven is like. I Can Only Imagine what my dad is seeing but I know that it’s only a “see you later” and that I will get to see him when I enter the pearly gates.

This next weekend, the leadership team gets the awesome opportunity to go to a leadership conference in St. Louis, Mo. We will be hearing awesome speakers and learning how to make a bigger impact on our campus.

Febuary 28, the BSU is hosting Collegiate Day of Prayer. This is a time where we will be praying for our campus nonstop from 9 am to 4 pm. We invite you to pray for MSSU campus. We are praying to see our campus be overwhelmed with the love of Christ.

March 16-23, The BSU will be taking a mission trip to Chicago. So far, we have 10 people going and we are super excited to see what God has in store for us. I encourage you to continue to keep this trip in your prayers. We are excited to be able to be in Chicago during St. Patrick’s Day. We are continuing to be prepared for whatever God puts our way. We have been working on 3 minute testimonies so that we can be able to share the love of Christ to people even if we don’t have much time.

Thank you for your time and your support for the MSSU BSU!
Kristin Huff

[Pictures of the Rock & Worship Roadshow may be found on our website.]

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