Dream Big

Does the scale of your dreams match the scale of His suffering?  Is what you’re living for worth Him dying for?  J.D. Greear

“Big men dream big dreams.” Those words stopped me in my tracks as a self-absorbed
college sophomore. I mean, I had a plan for my life; graduation, corporate ladder, wife, kids, boat, gold watch, grand-kids, pine box & pearly gates.  But I didn’t have a dream. I certainly didn’t have a BIG dream. And no one had ever asked me to connect my dreams with God’s dreams.

What is God’s dream for your life?

What is His plan?

God’s dreams. My life. BOOM! I think my head just exploded. I mean, when you
think about those two things connecting, colliding somehow… Suddenly the sky’s
the limit. Anything is possible. And I’m aiming for a nice middle-class mundane
life? I don’t know if ‘sin’ is the right word, but it certainly doesn’t feel right all of a

If you could do anything, what would it be?

God made you with certain innate talents. He blessed you with spiritual gifts.
Equipped you with life experience. And He placed in your heart deep longings for
something special. That something is the spark of your big dream, the collision of
God’s plan and your life. What is it?

Big men dream big dreams. God-sized dreams. Dreams that impact lives and
change the world.

What is your dream?

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