Who are You, Lord?

God the Father. And the question is, “Who are You, Lord?” People get all excited about the names of God and the attributes of God and Moses at the burning bush (Exodus 3), but when Jesus talked about God and when He talked to God, He simply called Him “Father.” And we do too. All the time. It’s got to be the most common title we use when we pray.


Heavenly Father.

Our Father who art in heaven…

It is a term of authority and affection, of fellowship and honor. (Thank you J.I. Packer.) And it is the term by which through Christ we are able address God as well. He IS our heavenly Father. The problem though, is that although we call Him that all the time, we never actually think of Him that way. We think of His power, His grace… We think of Him as the Ruler or the Creator… But we hardly ever think of Him simply as Father. Maybe it’s too intimate or something.

And even when we do think about our heavenly Dad as a father-figure, we tend to filter our image of Him through our experience with our earthly father and so the image becomes distorted and we have all sorts of weird and sometimes inappropriate ideas and feelings about Father. It is only as we examine fatherhood in the scriptures that the distortion goes away and we begin to see what an amazing Dad we now have.

SO, take a few minutes and see what God the Father is really like.

  • READ: Matthew 6:25-33, 7:11, John 5:20, 6:38, 8:29, 15:9-10, 16:32,  17:1, 1 Samuel 2:30
  • THINK: What do these verses have to say about God the Father?  Many of them speak of His relationship with Jesus.  Do you think He feels the same way about all His children?  You?
  • PRAY: Have a real conversation with Dad.  Talk to Him about your earthly father and how your relationship with him effects your relationship with Him.
  • ACT: Write an old-fashioned letter to a father-figure in your life.  Thank him for anything he’s done to help you grow in Christ, or if necessary, share your God story with him.  (Obviously, this is also a topic to pray over before you mail it!)
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