Collegiate Week 2012 Thoughts 4

Crowder College students offer a few takeaways from Collegiate Week 2012.

Emily– God will call you to do anything whenever He wants, but He will open your eyes at the right moment and you just have to wait for it.

Kelsi– Anybody can be good to you. The question is are they good for you.

Hannah– God’s will is for us to do something now, not wait for some big revelation.

Megan– Beware the distractions because they will blind you and keep you from God’s purpose for you.

Megan (again)– All things good and bad work together to reveal God’s purpose for you.

Aaron– I want people to feel safe around me.

Derrick– True love for others only comes through a true love for God.

Ben– Even though some of the classes we have to take may not apply to our calling, we can see God in our future and everything that we learn.

Keza– God teaches me with new ways and He makes me new again. Also, He reminds me to carry my cross and to follow Him. All I need is to be patient.

Neal– It’s time to step up and be a leader. No more cruising through life.

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