FIREHOSE anxiety

Not gonna lie.  I’m a little anxious about FIREHOSE.  I hope we have a great turnout because the stuff that will be said is totally worth hearing, but I fear people won’t show because they don’t think leadership is relevant to them.  Or they’ll pre-judge it because its new, or its a ‘college thing,’ or they’ll think they don’t need it because they believe their life is already full, or they think it’s only for ‘official’ leaders…  Too many Christians, pastors and missionaries alike, sleepwalk through life, content with how things are without ever really taking the time to see what else God is doing, without ever getting out of their comfortable rut to hear what God has been saying.

I believe that FIREHOSE will challenge you as a Christ-follower.  I believe the principles and vision shared there will equip you to be better at leading others.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing this.  By pushing this event this hard, I’m really opening myself up to criticism and judgment if it doesn’t go over well.  My reputation is at stake like never before because for the first time I’m calling leaders to come.  I’m trying to influence the influencers, and if I fail, the potential is there to be deemed a failure not only by the leaders who do attend, but their followers as well.

So, Lord, I pray, speak to us at FIREHOSE.  Your servants are listening.


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